Starter Pack Contents

(All sizes are approx.)

Book Video Box

Quantity : 10

Size : 22" x 11" x 9"

Sizes are Length x Width x Height.

The book box is ideal for packing very heavy items such as books,as even when filled up to the top you can easily lift it up.Customers also use this cardboard box to store items in their loft as it fit with ease through the loft hatch.

You can add extra book boxes to your box pack for 1.50 each.

General Items Box

Quantity : 10

Size : 460mm x 245mm x 460mm

Sizes are Length x Width x Height

This cardboard box is ideal for packing all house hold items, the box size is good for packing square items such as computers, blankets, folded clothes,picture frames, larger books.

You can add extra general items boxes to your box pack for £1.43 each

Bubble Wrap Roll

Quantity : 1

Size : 5 metres x 750mm

Sizes are Length x Height

The bubble wrap is good for protecting and wrapping up all fragile items, such as glassware, crockery ornaments, cabinets, furniture, electrical items

You can purchase more rolls of small bubble wrap for £3.80 each.

We also supply a large bubble , bubble wrap roll which is for protecting large surfaces,such as tv screens, or where extra protection is required.

Large Bubbles - Bubble wrap roll £5.50 each.

Tape Rolls

Quantity : 1

Brown general purpose sticky tape to seal all the flaps of the cardboard boxes. You can also use to help wrap round chair legs with the cardboard corrugated paper or bubble wrap.

Extra rolls of tape can be purchased for £0.90p each

We also supply a hand held tape dispenser for £4.75 each

Marker Pen

Quantity : 1

Always mark on the cardboard boxes what items are inside, as it can be very frustrating going through 40+ boxes to find certain items. All the cardboard boxes have spaces on them to give this information

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